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ABOUT booktrux

booktrux.com notifies you of freight or trucks you need instead of countless useless emails. By customizing your notifications board you can have availed trucks and equipment sent right to your email log on once and set your preferences. There is no need to long on to the site multiple times a day set the lanes you cover and start receiving emails for trucks or loads you need. Target customers and carriers post your freight and trucks and let the site network for you.

What is booktrux.com?

This site is simple and easy to use which make it a valuable tool. booktrux.com is on its way to becoming the largest internet tool available to the transportation industry. Automated searches and post will optimize your time, it’s the tool that helps you network. Unlimited notifications, searches and post you can harness the power of booktrux. Log on now it takes just a couple of minutes to create an account and booktrux.

booktrux is not just another freight board. It’s an easy to use industry tool that will make automate your tasks, keep you connected and help you get covered.


Unlimited posting’s available on booktrux. Post your freight and equipment with dozens of equipment types and thousands of freight types. booktrux is todays tool that will help you get covered.


Unlimited searches of carriers and freight. The search features on the booktrux freight and truck boards can help you find what you need when you need it. With a vast database of users you will keep your freight moving and your trucks loaded.


Unlimited notifications always keeping you connected. You can automate your searches and have them delivered. Set your preferences city State range of miles and the frequency you would like to receive your emails. There will be no need to log on and search the lanes you run availability of Freight and equipment will be delivered via email.


The easy to use notifications page will enhance your ability to move more freight. With the notifications you can target specific lanes. This is the tool that will constantly connect you to freight you are looking for. booktrux is for everyone in the transportation industry which includes shippers, carriers, brokers, Freight Forwarders, and 3Pl companies the list goes on. - Unlimited notifications, searches and post - Connects you outside the website you don’t always have to be logged in - Brings availability straight to your email - Stream line your usage time saving site - Optimize your usage with searches that come to you when on the go - Most innovative online tool for transportation - Anyone in transportation can use booktrux - Service is currently free to all users - Will help everyone consolidate the amount of emails they receive.

Don’t waste time looking through unwanted emails. Sign on today and cover your trucks and freight. Create an account today it only takes a minute to be up and running. booktrux is the tool the transportation industry has been waiting for.